By Annette Conway, PRO Robe Rockets

Robe Rockets are delighted to be starting our U8 girls and boys indoor Pella on Saturday 29th October in the Lakeside Sports and Fitness Centre. There is a charge of €10 to cover court rental which is payable on arrival on Saturday morning. There will be 6 teams participating and matches are approximately 30 mins.

We have assigned a coach to each team to nurture team identity and encourage a consistent coaching message week on week. Please consult the team sheet and schedule to determine what time your daughter/son will be playing each week. If your daughter/son can not attend on any day please text David Conway on 086 859 8144 so that we can arrange a substitute if necessary.





To ensure the smooth running of Pella;

–  Please ensure that your daughter/son arrives 10 minutes before scheduled kick-off time to allow coach to organise the team.

–  Games have to start and finish on time to facilitate the three games in the allotted timeframe. Therefore, having dropped your daughter/son 10 minutes before scheduled kick-off, they will be ready for pick-up 40 minutes later.

–  If your daughter/son  cannot attend on any day please text your team coach that we can arrange a substitute if necessary.

–  Runners and gum shields mandatory. Please bring water.

–  Please note that children must be accompanied by an adult at all times upstairs in the Lakeside Sports and Fitness Centre.

See Pella in action in below; Copyright:

• Gum shields & runners must be worn.
• Bring Water.
• Scoring: A player may score with a kick or a hand-pass – a hand-passed score counts for 1 point, a kicked score for 3 points.
• 5-a-side games. Substitutions made regularly to ensure all players play an equal length of time.
• If any team has less than 5 players a temporary substitution from another team will be made if possible. This may not always be possible so please make every effort to attend each week – your team needs you.
• Matches will be 12 minutes a side. Sub every 4 mins. 3 Mins break at half time.
• Gaelic football rules apply for pick-up, hand-pass, movement with the ball, etc.
• A player is allowed two solos or a solo and a hop before they must pass or shoot.
• A player must be in the opposition’s half to score.
• The ball may hit the side wall without penalty.
• If an attacking player hits the ball against the end wall, the defending team gains possession and re-starts the game from under their goal. Before the re-start no attacking player is allowed inside the blue semi-circle zone. If a defending player hits the ball off the end wall, the attacking team gains possession at centre court.
• Teams must have at least one player in each half of the court at all times. If a team fails to do so, the opposing team is awarded a free from the opposition’s blue semi-circle.
• When a free is called the defending player must step back 5 paces from the free taker.
• A defender may block a player or attempt to strike the ball from his hands but no tackling allowed – i.e. no grabbing, pushing or striking an opposing player to any degree.
• A player guilty of persistent fouling or dangerous play will be sin binned for 3 min.


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