Audio report HERE – includes reference to team captain Evan O’Brien dedicating the victory to the late Martin Flannery.

The successful U16 team - after tonight's South Mayo U16 B final victory over Hollymount-Carramore.

The successful U16 team – after tonight’s South Mayo U16 B final victory over Hollymount-Carramore.

Team captain Evan O'Brien accepts the South Mayo U16 B cup from Ger McHugh, chairman, South Mayo Board

Team captain Evan O’Brien accepts the South Mayo U16 B cup from Ger McHugh, chairman, South Mayo Board.

Full-time, Ballinrobe 2-13, @Holly_CarraGaa 3-5

64, Liam Burke, point, Ballinrobe 2-13, @Holly_CarraGaa 3-5

57, Evan O’Brien, free, Ballinrobe 2-12, @Holly_CarraGaa 3-5

53, Hollymount-Carramore goal, rebound after David Lynagh save, Ballinrobe 2-11, @Holly_CarraGaa 3-5

52, Liam Burke point, Ballinrobe 2-11, @Holly_CarraGaa 2-5

50, another long-range Evan O’Brien free, Ballinrobe 2-10, @Holly_CarraGaa 2-5

50, Hollymount-Carramore man sent off, two yellows, Ballinrobe 2-9, @Holly_CarraGaa 2-5

49, Evan O’Brien, beautifully struck 45, Ballinrobe 2-9, @Holly_CarraGaa 2-5

42, Tiernan Harris, point, Ballinrobe 2-8, @Holly_CarraGaa 2-5

36, Evan O’Brien, free, Ballinrobe 2-8, @Holly_CarraGaa 2-4

31, Kieran Finnerty, superb point from right wing, Ballinrobe 2-7, @Holly_CarraGaa 2-4

Half-time audio report HERE

30, Hollymount-Carramore point, Ballinrobe 2-6, @Holly_CarraGaa 2-4

26, Nathan Moran, goal, Ballinrobe 2-6, @Holly_CarraGaa 2-3

25, Nathan Moran, point, Ballinrobe 2-6, Hollymount-Carramore 1-3

16, Evan O’Brien, free, Ballinrobe 2-6, @Holly_CarraGaa 1-2

13, Oisin Hanlon, goal, Evan O’Brien free came off the upright and Oisin collected before finishing to the net, well taken like the earlier Liam Burke one, Ballinrobe 2-5, @Holly_CarraGaa 1-2

11, Evan O’Brien, free, Ballinrobe 1-5, @Holly_CarraGaa 1-2

10 mins, Liam Burke goal – well finished – Evan O’Brien free went across goal where Liam collected it, Ballinrobe 1-4, Hollymount-Carramore 1-2

8 mins, Liam Burke point, Ballinrobe 0-4, @Holly_CarraGaa 1-2

Prior to this, we had two points from Evan O’Brien (frees) and one from Oisin Hanlon (play).

BALLINROBE: David Lynagh; Christopher Vahey, Oran O’Malley; Evan Reaney, Padraig Og Horan, Evan Gannon; Evan O’Brien, Ross Philbin; Kieran Finnerty, Liam Burke, Eoin Langan; Oisin Hanlon, Rory Jennings.

Subs: Eoin Sheridan, Michael Flanagan.

Team management: Fergal O’Malley, Liam Burke, David Colleran, Norman O’Brien.

HOLLYMOUNT-CARRAMORE: Gary Moran; Jason Kelly, Alan McCormack; Shane Kelly, David Hession, Conor McHugh; Nathan Moran, Dylan Jennings; Alan Kelly, Thomas Morris, Jamie Walsh; Tiernan Harris, Phelim Browne.

Ref: Mark Tuffy, Shrule-Glencorrib.


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