By Annette Conway, PRO Robe Rockets

The round robin series is completed and the final placings in the pool tables have been used to seed the teams for the cup/shield play-off games next week. The really important point to understand for all the players is that next week every team has an equal chance of making the cup semi-finals regardless of how they placed in the round robin series – win next week and they are in the Cup, lose and they are in the Shield.
Have a look at the Result and Schedule Table to determine who your team is playing next week and at what time. Arrive at the Centre 10 minutes before kick-off so your coach can organise the team. Don’t forget mouth guards.
And so we enter the business end, the stakes are rising and the tension mounts. Can’t wait for Friday!

Please note in the event of a draw, extra time will be played on a ‘golden goal’ basis – the first to score wins, Thanks Des.


Some team photos from Friday 4th Nov
photo-2016-11-04-19-06-33 photo-2016-11-04-18-33-21 photo-2016-11-04-18-31-57

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