Reminder to all U10 Ladies that this Saturday morning, February 06th, 11am – 12pm is our first training for the year 2016.  We start of the year indoors in the Lakeside sport Centre until mid March, weather dependant.

Starting of the season as we finished last season playing Pella.  Pella is the indoor version of Football out on the Pitch.  Rules are very similar to the outdoor game with a few additions.  No need to worry as we will use the first Saturday to get acquainted with your new coaches and the rules of Pella especially for those of you who have moved up from the U8s or joining the club for first time.

For the following weeks we will pick teams of 4/5 players on each and have a Pella League.

If you have not already registered with the GAA for 2016 this can be done on Saturday before training starts. Rates are available on the Ballinrobe GAA website.  There is also an additional charge of €10 to cover the costs while playing indoors.

Runners are to be worn while playing indoors.  Gumshields are mandatory for all football players be it indoors or out on the pitch.

We welcome you all and look forward to having a great 2016.

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