Players from aged 10 to God knows what will take part in our St Stephen’s Day games this year.
At 11.30am, our rising U12 and U14 stars will take to the field. Try to get up to Flanagan Park early to see them display their considerable talents.
And at 12.30pm, old-timers (i.e. anyone over 21) will take on our current U21 team, the Mayo C champions who, rumour has it, have been bigging it up around town since their county final victory.
Kevin Quinn has been sponsored new wheels. Ronan O’Reilly has been to Roundy to get “The ROR Roar” cut into his left temple. Another un-named player has got 9 new tats to mark the county final victory.
Time to bring them down to size?
Can you afford to miss this?
See you there.
It might even be streamed on Club Radio:
Who’s reffing it?
Will we even need a ref?

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