By Ann Cannon, PRO, Ladies Football


Wow, another three great games with some girls scoring their first goals of the campaign. Remember even though it’s a league there is no harm in taking a shot and missing, it’s only by trying that you are going to improve. Be brave and don’t be afraid to have a go!!

As we head into the final week we have a new joint leader at the top of the league, team D only ahead of team B on goal difference. A losing point for team A and wins for Teams E and C mean that things are very tight for third and fourth placed play-offs. Team F deserve a special mention for their effort on Wednesday evening, these girls have put in great work on all four games and this was their best display yet.

Next week is going to be very important, with three teams who could be in the 1st / 2nd place play offs and three teams with a great chance of being in the 3rd/4th place play off. Your team needs you next week please make every effort to be there.




pella teams

Please have the girls arrive 10 minutes before their playing time so they can be warmed up.

Gumshields are mandatory and the players should bring a drink of water.

Any questions call Declan on 087 2063863 or Mary on 087 2347438.

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